Join The Shine Revolution

Shine Cosmetics is putting beauty back in makeup, and is looking for women just like you who yearn to make a difference.

“I love Shine’s mission to put beauty back in makeup and celebrate femininity, not sexuality. As I look online or see commercials about beauty products I am appalled at the type of inappropriate, explicit, sexual connotations that are associated with the beauty industry. I love that Shine’s products have a purpose, the names can inspire, encourage, fortify and give positive declarations as I get ready each morning. I love that Shine Cosmetics is committed to encouraging, inspiring and fortifying women.”

-Heidi Boyer


Products That Shine

Shine Cosmetics offers high quality makeup with empowering messages. Carefully developed with women of every age in mind, Shine products are Leaping Bunny approved, gluten free and paraben free.

See for yourself why women all over the country are switching to Shine Cosmetics.

“I love this makeup and company! I am so glad I joined. Everyone I have try this makeup LOVES it!”

-Tawnya Nelson

Shine Makes It Simple

The beauty of a Shine business is no one can limit your success. You decide your dreams, you decide your paycheck. Our rewarding and easy to understand compensation plan is built to make you more money, quicker. We want you to succeed!

The road to Shine specialist success is a fast track to freedom and unlimited earning potential.

“This company gives the opportunity to accomplish whatever income potential you want. It has given me the confidence and fun to enjoy other women, their beauty, and to give them the opportunity to SHINE!”

-Camille Kay

Will You Be The Next Rising Star to Shine?

Incentives, perks, rewards, bonuses, leadership opportunities and more await you along your Shine journey. It’s time for you to receive the recognition you deserve for your hard work, and Shine Cosmetics wants to see you in the spotlight!

When you join Shine, there are nine ways to get paid!

Personal Sales Commission

When you sell makeup, you will earn a commission of 20-35%.

Personal Sales Bonuses

Each month, when you have $750 or more in Personal Sales, you will receive an additional bonus of 5-10%.

Team Building Bonuses

Be rewarded for building your team, earn bonus compensation upon the volume of other specialists.

Fast Start Awards

Would you like to earn $600 in FREE makeup? With Shine Cosmetics, you can! As a new specialist, we will reward you with FREE products as you hit goals in your first 100 days with Shine Cosmetics.

Fast Start Bonuses

Be rewarded when you recruit and train new specialists. As a leader, you can earn Fast Start Bonuses on your personally enrolled specialists.

Rising Star Bonuses

We reward our rising stars! The first time you hit Gold and Platinum ranks, you will also receive a Rising Star Bonus.

Shine Bonuses

When you reach a Gold 1 Star or higher, you earn the Shine Bonus. We could give you a car, but maybe you don’t want a car. Maybe you want new furniture or a lavish vacation. With the Shine Bonus, you earned the money and you can decide how to spend it.

Group and Generation Bonuses

You can earn additional bonuses on your group and generation sales volume. Additional promotions, trips, perks and rewards are made available regularly to award you for Shine success!

Ready To Shine?

Get started today for just $95. You will receive over a nice array of full size makeup products, your own free personal website, and the support of Shine Specialists all over the nation who will be working together to help you succeed in building your beautiful dreams.

3 Eye Shadows | 2 Eye Liners | 2 Lip Glosses | 2 Brushes | 1 Blush | 1 Lip Liner | 1 Lip Stick | 1 Fiber Mascara | 1 Pencil Sharpener | 1 Beauty Specialist Case | 1 Shine Specialist Signature Necklace | Free Personal Website | Immediate Enrollment into Shine Specialist School | PayQuicker Shine Bank Account | $30 on your Birthday annually

For a limited time you also receive our Shine Revolutionary Bonus Pack!

2 Eye Shadows | 1 Bronzer | 1 Fiber Brow
1 Lip Gloss | 1 Exclusive “Revolutionary” Charm

“Being a mom of four girls it is very important to me to teach them what makes a person beautiful.. their character, values, and kindness. When I found Shine Cosmetics I was very encouraged by their beauty revolution and their wonderful products. I am proud to wear my Shine necklace and be a Shine Specialist. I have big plans with my Shine career and look forward to Shining bright.”

-Allison Lilly

Shine Support

Unlike most new business opportunities, your Shine business comes with a full support team just a click, phone call or social post away. Your sponsor, your team, and the Shine Cosmetics Corporate Team have your success at heart.

“Shine Cosmetics has never left me with an unanswered question…just with a whole lotta love & support!”

-Linda Olsen

Shine On

When you come with us on this journey to start a beautiful revolution, the possibilities are endless. Make history as one of our first 1,000 Shine Revolutionaries and watch the benefits and bonus rewards stack up.

Shine Cosmetics
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Shine Cosmetics
Shine Cosmetics
Shine Cosmetics
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
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Hello! Thank you for your interest in Shine!

Please provide your location in the message box, and we will connect you with a Specialist in your area.